EC10 High-Capacity / Low-Profile Bench Top Incubator

EC10 High-Capacity / Low-Profile Bench Top Incubator

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Ever since the launch of our first Bench Top Incubator that was released to the market in 2011 , we are now proud to introduce the all new EC10 bench top incubator to the global market. We have successfully improved the capacity of the preceding models with magnificent temperature stability & industry leading gas recovery/consumption rate, while maintaining the same independent controlled chamber design.

The legend now offers more, in less space!

Compared to its conventional models, the depth and height have been reengineered, allowing easy access to the rear chambers. (171mm → 110mm)Each Chamber is independently temperature controlled and the unit also comes with a built-in Gas Mixer with rapid temperature recovery, utilizing Astec’s unique state of the art heating system.

Elegant Bottom Plate Design

Each chamber can accommodate 6 x 35 mm dish , 3 x 60 mm dish and 2 x 4 well dish.
With its unique design, a bottom plate securely holds dishes in place for proper placement and maximum storage capacity.
*Custom plates can be ordered and are available separately.

Proprietary Observation Window

Each chamber is protected & sealed by a tempered glass observation window, allowing the user to check the culture inside, without having to open the chamber and disturb the sample.

Safety is “always” on

EC10 comes with an analog output and BMS (contact relay) as a standard redundant safety feature. It can be easily connected to an external device such as a phone or data logging device that can call or text you when there are any irregularities taking place while your absent. This enables you to remotely protect and monitor your samples with a peace of mind.

*Best compatibility with our LabKeeper Cloud Monitoring System.

EC10 is designed with easy access and convenient sampling ports located in front of the unit. This allows the operator to access these ports without the need to move or reach behind the unit & possibly disturb the cultured sample.

EC10 is also equipped with secondary temperature sensor for each chamber. The sensor reading is available through the jack ports in the front of the device. This feature improves the contribution to the lab quality assurance & safety protocols. Daily temperature check is now possible, while the dishes remain inside.

Delivering space efficiency to your Lab

Running out of space?
The number of cycles are growing but your lab is not?
We are here to help!

We understand that, not having to compromise on the security or safety of your operation by rearranging your furniture or other lab equipment around is invaluable. The EC10 exclusive stand, enables the installation and operation of up to 3 units in 1 spot! That’s a total of 30 chambers!
This allows you to run more cycles, while maintaining the daily operation & integrity of your lab.

Optional accessory

Astec Gas Analyzer - An optional filter that absorbs VOCs can be connected to the circulation gas line. The addition of this option ensures a continuously filtered environment for each chamber.



Model EC10
External Dimensions
W x D x H
W660×D610×H110 (mm)
Chamber Dimensions
W x D x H
W108×D180×H18.5mm/chamber (mm)
Chamber volume 350ml
Number of chambers 10
Humidification method Dry Incubator
Temperature range 5°C above ambient to 40.0°C
Accuracy ±0.1°C
CO2 range 0%~20.0%
Accuracy ±0.3%
O2 range 0.1%~18.0%
Accuracy ±0.5%
Product weight 30kg