Oosafe® Air Quality Control System Set

Oosafe® Air Quality Control System Set

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Oosafe is proud to offer an all-in-one system for measuring and data logging all parameters required for Air Quality Control in IVF Laboratories.

Air Quality Control System is composed of the following:

Oosafe® Analyzer with WolfSense Software

The brain of the Air Quality Control System, the Oosafe Analyzer collects and analyzes all data from different probes in real-time.

Up to two Oosafe® Probes and one Graywolf Particle Counter can be connected and data logged simultaneously.


Oosafe® VOC-Log for IVF

Real-Time parts per billion (ppb) VOC measurement, necessary for IVF laboratories.

  • TOTAL VOCs, % RH, F° / C° measurements are standard and users have the option of adding up to 3 gas sensors (O2, CO, O3, NH3, etc.) to the probe.


Oosafe® Air Speed / Temperature / Volume Air Flow Probe for IVF

Air speed and volume in front of the HEPA filters in HVAC systems and IVF Workstations are critical parameters for determining the efficiency of HEPA filters. Filter replacement or system maintenance can be performed based on these parameters.

  • Patented 90° articulating probe design allows access to ceiling diffusers / filters while eliminating internal cabling and cable kinking.


GrayWolf 6 Channel Handheld Particle Counter

To define Clean Room standard for IVF laboratories, a properly calibrated 6-channel particle counter is mandatory. A particle counter is also instrumental in checking the efficiency of filters inside laboratories and IVF workstations so that optimal filter replacement time can be determined.

  • Color touch screen 6 channel particle counter (0.3, 0.5, 1.0, 2.5, 5.0 and 10 μm) capable of interfacing with the Oosafe® Analyzer for enhanced data logging and expanded features. Can also be used as a stand-alone unit.