Oosafe® Disinfectant for CO2 Incubators and Laminar Flow Hoods  (1 Liter W/ Spray)

Oosafe® Disinfectant for CO2 Incubators and Laminar Flow Hoods (1 Liter W/ Spray)

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For safe disinfection of CO2 incubators, laminar flow hoods, glass, plastic, metal, Hi-Macs surfaces, equipment, ultrasound probes and hospital furniture.

  • Scientifically Proven Safety:
    • Human sperm survival bioassay to examine toxicity of a new clinical laboratory equipment disinfectant (Poster at ASRM, 2010).
    • Changing old trends in IVF laboratory cleaning and disinfection (Study from MONASH University Australia, 2012).
  • MEA Tested: Each lot is MEA tested for IVF laboratory use.
  • No alcohol, smell, or VOC release.
  • Long Shelf Life: Viable for 3 years after manufacturing.
  • Ease of Use: Solution comes ready to use, and requires no washing or rinsing after application.
  • Fast Disinfection: Complete disinfection 15 minutes after application.
  • Quality: Each bottle has a security seal, ensuring safe transportation and a quality-controlled product. Each one-liter volume of disinfectant is packed in an individual box together with a spray bottle.
  • Microbiological Efficacy: Effective against hepatitis B, HIV, rotavirus within 1 minute, mycobacterium within 5 minutes, bacteria, fungi (Candida), influenza A virus (H5N1/H1N1) within 15 minutes.
  • Usage: Can even be used in laboratories with suboptimal ventilation, as disinfectant releases no VOCs after application.
  • Application: Apply evenly to desired surface using spray or wipes; wait 15 minutes for the surface to dry for best results. For best results, wipe the surface with a humid sterile sponge or cloth after 15 minutes to remove dead organisms and other debris.
  • Active Ingredients: Quaternary ammonium compound: Benzyl-alkyldimethyl chloride 2.6 mg/g.